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24/7 Customer Support

  • Professional Customer Service 
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Email
  • Mobile-SMS

Back Office:

  • Billing 
  • Market Research
  • Reports, Data Entry 

Digital Presence

  • Online Marketing -SEO, PPC
  • Social Media
  • Website Development


  • Affiliate Management
  • Sales Management
  • Account Managers
  • Business Strategies

About Us

Global Bond helps with expanding and improving businesses while reducing expenses with main expertise in customer support.

The company was founded in Belgrade in 2016 and has been exponentially growing since. The vision conceived by our CEO, Alex Mirosavljev, was to bring together professional and enthusiastic individuals and form a solid, constantly evolving team that would dominate the field of customer support and service. Seven years later, we are well respected and recognized, with over 45 employees (proficient in LimoAnywhere, CDS and Santa Cruz)  and 25 clients across the globe.

Our main focus in the recent past was the ground transportation industry, where we thrived under the leadership of Alex and his trustworthy account managers. Efficient hiring policies, coupled with a positive, healthy work environment, have enabled us to hone already ambitious, educated people into reliable and diligent agents. The kind of atmosphere we cultivate brings about adept, confident employees, which in return gives us the flexibility to accommodate almost any request but also branch out into other industries. Being eager, determined, and goal-oriented, we’re welcoming any new projects and opportunities with open arms.

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When partnering with us, we embark on a collective journey towards business growth. We wholeheartedly support your team and organization, leveraging our expertise to drive comprehensive and sustainable progress.

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We are deeply passionate about our work, consistently delivering optimal solutions to assist you. As your trusted partners, we are committed to providing unwavering support and reliability.

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