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Accelerate Serbia 2023

Last weekend, Global Bond had the honor of being featured as a part of AIESEC‘s ” Accelerate Serbia ” program. Our esteemed CEO, Alex Mirosavljev, actively participated in a panel discussion, where he shared our remarkable experience and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful individuals in AIESEC, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their story. The event proved to be enriching, as it allowed us to hear the opinions of other industry leaders in the region, as well as fresh perspectives of the young participants, on various topics.

Accelerate Serbia

Thanks to them we’ve welcomed Ru to our team, a talented business analytics student from Tunisia, with a minor in international business economics. She’s joined us as a summer driver specialist and will be helping out with market research. Alex expressed his admiration for her, praising her impeccable English skills, meticulous work ethic, and the joy of learning about her culture. Through this experience, we have discovered both the similarities and differences that exist between us, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse backgrounds.

“From my perspective, this opportunity with AIESEC’s program holds immense value for Global Bond. It not only allows us to actively engage with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds but also fosters a culture of learning and appreciation for different perspectives. By welcoming Ru, a skilled business analytics student from Tunisia, to our team, we are able to tap into her unique skill set and gain fresh insights into market research. This experience not only enhances our global outlook but also strengthens our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We are grateful to AIESEC for providing us with this enriching opportunity and look forward to further collaborations that drive innovation and growth.” – said our HR representative Ema.

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