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Auto Elite in Belgrade

Gina Forgione, the esteemed Managing Director of Auto Elite, recently visited us for the second time in the lively city of Belgrade. We eagerly anticipated the opportunity to collaborate, reconnect and set the stage for yet another prosperous year together.

During her stay, Gina had the pleasure of meeting two new team members, whose admiration for her exceptional business ingenuity and meticulous approach was immense. It was truly inspiring to witness the impact she had on these individuals, igniting their passion and drive to excel within our organization.

While our work sessions were undoubtedly productive, we also made sure to indulge in the beauty and charm that Belgrade has to offer. Together, we embarked on strolls around the city, immersing ourselves in its rich history and vibrant culture. Our evenings were filled with delightful culinary experiences, as we savored the finest wines and indulged in local dishes in the bohemian district of the city.

“During our early stages of development, we were approached by Gina through a referral, expressing interest in a potential collaboration. The request presented to us was completely unfamiliar and caught us off guard. Luxury ground transportation in Europe and the USA differ significantly. To tackle this challenge, our team diligently selected the appropriate account manager. Fast forward a few years, we now have a dedicated team responsible for managing customer relations, enhancing brand awareness, overseeing affiliate management, and ensuring quality assurance. Additionally, our team provides on-site greeting services for the company’s large events, often requiring travel to different countries.” – stated our CEO, Alex Mirosavljev.

We are grateful for the time we spent together and eagerly anticipate the future endeavors that lie ahead.

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